Bloodleggers #2 on Blood Reads

“The humans are ignorant and undisciplined. Transformation to our kind without the proper trials and necessary years of indentured servitude is an error in judgment.” –Elder Ysabell of Clan de Bohun, Scotland, The Congress of Glenluce, 1183 A.D. November 5th, 2008, Mile High Mortuary, 6th Avenue, Denver Colorado Regina Todd paced the shiny concrete floor of the crematorium holding a cell phone against her ear with one hand and nervously flicking the black polish off her … Read more

Hell Week

It’s hell week again, or should I say hell half week.  Wednesday is the next release of Bloodleggers and I’m pulling my hair out, still.  So I’ve opened up a bottle of wine and toasted to the hair I have left.  A new wine I haven’t tasted, Raia 2007 Shiraz.  Not bad. My greatest challenge has been changing from a terse 1st person present tense, as The Courier is written, to 3rd person.  If you … Read more

Zero Day

Spent the last few days editing, and working with Wendy on the prologue which posts… Tomorrow! Yes, that’s right. Today is zero day. If you look to the left (at least before tomorrow morning), you’ll see the counter has inexorably worked it’s way down to the point where the day counter has expired. Time has run out. Tomorrow morning, 6AM (GMT), the first pages of Bloodleggers will appear on the web. No, I’m not hyperventilating. … Read more

Crunch Time

Okay, no one who knows me thinks I’m a perfectionist, not even close. Look at the picture for crying out loud. But here we are rolling up on our first deadline (Eight days away!) and I’ve been working with Wendy to try to put the finishing touches on the prologue. So what does that mean? Well, for me, it means I’ve now pretty much rewritten it top to bottom three times. It’s the same scene … Read more

Part 1: Interview with Regina Todd

Last week, after R.J. posted Searching for Billy Knox, introducing one of our main characters, I promised to do the same for Regina Todd, and here it is. Regina’s interview is also included in a character interview blogfest on Echoes of a Wayward Mind. I found this fest yesterday thanks to Roland D. Yeomans. So please follow the links after you read here to support other authors interviewing their characters. Regina’s interview is written from … Read more

There are Vampires in my Head

Two posts from me in two days… the Pillars of Heaven must be trembling. Today I awoke to find a new resident in my head, a character that I knew would have to arrive sooner or later, but I was surprised to find that he took up residence this morning. He’s a vampire, born almost 2000 years ago in Syria. And he’s a lot of work, because just finding out what he knows is going … Read more

Searching for Billy Knox…

Normally Wendy starts off the posts, but today, I’m jumping in with my own little piece of the writing universe. As Wendy mentioned a few days ago, I’m currently suffering from Multiple Character Personality Disorder. So today, I thought I’d let you in on what happened when I went looking for William Knox. Normally characters come to me before the story does. It’s like they drop, fully formed, into my head, and then they slowly … Read more

Will We Be Embarrassed?

Just a few things to start the week… Last week I entered our one sentence pitch in a contest over at Literary Agent, Rachelle Gardner’s blog.  We didn’t win or even get an honorable mention, but there is still a chance we could get ours critiqued.  So this morning we were joking on IM that any publicity is good publicity.  Right?  If we get ripped apart, we’ll let you know. R. J. and I were … Read more

What the *bleep* is up with The Courier?

I know, I know. On Monday I mentioned I’d talk about the new project with R.J. Robyn today. Well, we won’t be ready for our official announcement until next Friday, so you’ll have to wait until then.  If you don’t want to wait, you can peek in on us at  We finished a short pitch so you can get a general idea of what the story is about. So instead I thought I’d provide … Read more

Welcome to the Bloodlegger Blog!

We are just moving in, so pardon our mess.  Who are we?  Two long time friends who have decided to embark on a joint effort to write a vampire novel.   What is that you’re saying?  You’re tired of vampire novels?  Well we have actually found a theme that’s not tired and overdone. Don’t believe us?  Well you’ll have to drop and read our story.  Bloodlegger is a serial novel released once a month on … Read more

You know it’s going to be a bad day when…

Okay, so I’m not normally one to complain, but here’s the story… I have a laptop. Now, admittedly, it’s not new, it’s not powerful, and it’s not especially fast or comfortable to use — but it has sentimental value. Together, that laptop and I logged about half a million air miles, and seven years together. So, I’ve gotten used to the fact that if you tip it at the wrong angle, the screen goes all … Read more

The Courier is a Co-WINNNER

WHOO HOO!!! The Courier is a co-winner in the Textnovel Online Fiction Contest with Catherine Mambretti, author of Chalk Ghost, about “a ghost trying to unravel the mystery of her own death, which also turns out to be the only way she can save a young, deaf Chippewa mother named Lily Whitehorse and her infant son who now occupy the same apartment where the ghost died.” Congratulations to Takatsu as well for winning Readers’ Choice … Read more