The Courier Series

The Courier Series

Call for Obstruction, the first book in The Courier series, was originally written as a twitter novel at @TheCourierNovel, and in 2009 was the winner in the Textnovel Writing Contest. The first novel is still available on Twitter, minus the ending, if you don’t mind reading backward. Since then, two additional stories have been written, and Call for Obstruction has been published and unpublished twice. It is currently out of print, but available to read on Wattpad.

CLICK HERE to read Call for Obstruction on Wattpad.

NewCourier800x600About Call for Obstruction

Hell’s been over capacity since World War II, and the damned souls have been overflowing into a refugee camp. Satan has no choice but to expand his territory and what better place than on Earth.

Enter Barry White, who has just lost his fourth job to corporate downsizing. If he doesn’t find a new job, and fast, he’ll have to move back in with his mother. Desperate to retain his independence, Barry’s quick to accept a job with OTG Courier Services, only his employment agreement turns out to be an eternal contract to serve Satan on Earth. Barry wants out of his contract, but his shape-shifting, demon boss, Margery, tortures him with her magical cigarettes whenever he refuses to follow orders.

Barry must brave 150 miles against heaven’s warriors to deliver the evil energy that will open a rift between Earth and Hell’s refugee camp. He soon finds himself in the middle of a war between good and evil to stop the Gates of Hell from opening, and choosing sides is not as obvious as he might think.