Book Review: What’s Coming for Christmas? by Kate Banks

Today’s holiday book review is What’s Coming for Christmas? by Kate Banks. Here’s what it’s about:

You can see it in the way the snowman’s eyes sparkle. Hear it in the voices of carolers echoing in the streets, and in the sounds of children trimming the tree. You can feel it in the warm fire dancing in the hearth. Meanwhile, the mother hen hushes her chicks, the pigs’ little tails curl in excitement, and the sheep nod knowingly as all wait in eager anticipation for a joyous Christmas surprise.

With lush illustrations as comforting as a Yule-time fire, this tender Christmas lullaby about cherished traditions and welcome surprises is sure to become an annual favorite.

This book fell a little short for me. It was like the ending was missing. I did love the simplicity of the painted illustrations, which were quite colorful.

My Grade: C–

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