Book Review: This is the Turkey by Abby Livine

Today’s Thanksgiving book review is This is the Turkey by Abby Livine. Here’s what it’s about:

Max is excited about the big turkey he has picked out for his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. He and his sister help prepare the fixings, and soon his friends and relatives bring their own dishes and merriment. At last, it’s time to bring in Max’s turkey. But watch out! Mom steps on a toy car and the turkey goes flying — landing in the fishtank! How can there be Thanksgiving without a turkey?

This is a story of family and friends getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Everyone comes together to prepare, but the turkey gets away from mom. Doesn’t matter because everyone in together. I’m finding this to be a familiar storyline for many of the Thanksgiving stories out there, so this one doesn’t stand out. It is a good read with the kidos and has colorful illustrations you’ll enjoy.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

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