Book Review: Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’ by Eileen Spinelli

Today’s Thanksgiving book review is Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’ by Eileen Spinelli. Here’s what it’s about:

You’re invited Join the Tappletons, the nicest bunch of wolves ever, for a very special Thanksgiving meal. Everyone has a job to do. Mrs. Tappleton is making the turkey. Mr. Tappleton is buying the pies. Kenny is in charge of the salad. Jenny is mashing the potatoes. It “seems” like everything is going smoothly. But be prepared for a big surprise when the rest of the family starts to arrive for Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’.

This is a cute book and one of my favorites this month. The characters encounter lots of trouble preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. They all worry about ruining dinner and do things that will make you laugh. I also loved the illustrations.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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