Book Review: The Secret of Santa’s Island by Steve Breen

Today’s holiday book review is The Secret of Santa’s Island by Steve Breen. Here’s what it’s about:

How do Santa and the elves relax after they’ve delivered all of the Christmas Eve gifts? When Sam McGuffin hears the sound of reindeer hooves on Christmas Eve, he can’t resist sneaking out the window and into the back of Santa’s sleigh. He wants to see what the North Pole is really like. But the sleigh isn’t headed to the North Pole that night. It’s destined for Santa’s Island, a top-secret, out-of-this-world vacation paradise. And now Sam is about to receive the ultimate gift from Santa’s day of unforgettable amusements with Santa and his elves all because he’ll say something to Santa that no other kid has ever thought to utter: “Thank you.”

This is a cute book and original for sure. Personally, I think Santa has the right idea in this story, taking off for a long, relaxing and warm vacation after delivering all those toys. And would you ever dare stow away on Santa’s sleigh?

My Grade: C+

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