Book Review: Pilgrims Of Plymouth by Susan E. Goodman

Today’s Thanksgiving book review is Pilgrims Of Plymouth by Susan E. Goodman. Here’s what it’s about:

What was it like to be a pilgrim child in 17th-century Massachusetts? This charming picture book takes young readers back in time to see. For one thing, pilgrim children didn’t go to school. Instead, they helped their parents with chores and played games such as marbles. There were no convenient grocery stores. Pilgrims had to hunt and gather food, then cook their meals on an open fire or in an outdoor oven. Dramatic photos of historical reenactments combine with lively text to give today’s children a vivid sense of daily life in Plymouth colony. Here is a great book for fostering an early interest in history!

This is a National Geographics book with lots of photographs of people today dressed up as pilgrims. There are lots of interesting facts that show the difference between life back during the time of the pilgrims and the way we live and celebrate today. This is a good book for school projects, although I’d hoped for a little more text on the subject.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

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