Book Review: Black and Bittern was Night by Robert Heidbreder

Today’s Halloween themed book is Black and Bittern was Night by Robert Heidbreder. Here’s what it’s about:

Halloween has arrived, but so have spooky skul-a-mug-mugs who frighten the grown-ups into calling off trick-or-treating. It’s up to the kids to take back the night! Told in nonsense verse, this scare-fest will have you yak-yawling with fun!

I liked the comic like illustrations by John Martz but wasn’t impressed with the way the poem was written for this one. The story is written is a nonsense poetry that young kids will lose interest in quickly. I can see where you might have a little fun with older kids though. This is one you’ll love or hate.

My Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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