Book Review: Arthur to the Rescue by Annie Auerbach

Today’s holiday book review is Arthur to the Rescue by Annie Auerbach. Here’s what it’s about:

Just when Santa and the elves thought they d completed another successful Christmas present delivery drop, a siren goes off at the North Pole s Mission Control. Red alert! A present has been left behind and a child forgotten! It s up to Arthur, Santa s clumsy, technologically-challenged son, and his slightly batty grandpa, Grandsanta, to deliver the gift and save the day. But this team is off to a rough start Arthur is afraid of heights and fast-moving vehicles, Grandsanta s trusty maps are really old, and their newest herd of reindeer has never flown before. Arthur had better find some old-fashioned Christmas magic if he s going to save Christmas!

I loved that Santa had a family in this one. Three generations of Claus’ working together to make sure toy delivery is a success. Unfortunately, no matter how much technology we have, mistakes can be made. This is a story adapted from a animated movie. It scores points for its original storyline.

My Grade: C+

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