Movie Review: My Bloody Valentine 3D

The first thing I have to say about My Bloody Valentine 3D is SEE IT IN THE THEATER. Outside of the theater it’d be a typical horror movie with plenty of blood and guts, or in this case hearts. The acting is mediocre and the storyline typical, although they did a pretty good job of switching the true killer at the end of the movie. The 3D effects were excellent, and I appreciated the slowed … Read more

1,000,000 Words Challenge

I’ve added a new section to the right column to track my progress on a goal I’ve recently given myself. My goal is to write 1,000,000 words in less than 2 years. Why? In an earlier blog post, back on September 11th, I wrote about a Writing Excuses episode that mentioned mastering prose requires a writer to write around 1,000,000 words. While I’ve written far over 1,000,000 words of nonfiction, I thought it might be … Read more

GPT (Get Paid to) Scams

Yesterday, Andrea Heiland, who writes Fools and Sages, brought to our attention the rise in work-at-home scams in her blog post, “Work At Home Scams On The Rise.” Loved her comments and added my two cents on how MLMs or Network Marketing companies can become a financial drain on people who are not cut out for their model. I guess this made me hyper-sensitive to ads on the Internet today, because I noticed the acronym … Read more

Book Review: The Savage Detectives, by Robert Bolano

I finished Robert Bolano’s, The Savage Detectives this week. It’s the first of his books I’ve read, and I’ll definitely read more of his books. The review on Shelfari that leads with, “A study in perceptual bias and how the same story is different depending on who tells it.” pretty much says it all about the book. I can see where some people might have a hard time reading the book though. It’s uniquely written. … Read more

Book Review: How to Write a Damn Good Novel

Finished reading How to Write a Damn Good Novel this week. Damn good book! It’s a quick read that keeps your interest and is filled with great info for anyone writing a novel. Frey’s instruction on “damn good novel” writing centers around three elements of a good novel: character, conflict and conclusion. The manner in which he explains these three elements have simplified novel writing even further than Stephen King’s “On Writing.” I got it … Read more

1,000,000 Words

I heard something depressing today from some other writers. They are in the opinion that the first one or two novels you write are likely crap. They also mentioned that it takes writing one million words to begin mastering prose. Where did I hear this? A friend told me about Writing Excuses, an audio blog awhile ago. Brandon Sanderson, Fantasy Novelist; Howard Taylor, Cartoonist; and Dan Wells, Horror Novelist are the hosts. I listened to … Read more

Book Review: On Writing, by Stephen King

Again…I’ll say it. Stephen King…love his work or hate it. This time around, I LOVE IT!! I have been incredibly inspired by this book. King has given me a new outlook on completing Purloin, a novel of mine that I’ve been working on for five, yes 5, years. I guess five years isn’t so bad. Better than saying life long work. Anyways, On Writing reminded me that writing can be easy. Hell, I did it … Read more

Movie Review: Sunshine

I had a hard time getting into this movie because I started watching too critical of the science of making a space ship that could fly so close to the sun, not to mention all the other things they were attempting to do to restore the sun’s energy. Don’t do this if you decide to view the film. While this movie is visually stunning, the plot is more about the decisions made by the crew. … Read more

Book Review: The Road, by Cormac McCarthy

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! Have added it to my list of favorites on Shelfari. This is the first book I’ve read by Cormac McCarthy and he left me wanting to read more of his books. The road is one of the most emotion provoking novels I’ve read, bringing out few of the positive kind. While the setting of the book occurs after a world wide catastrophe and survival is the objective, it also speaks so … Read more

Movie Review: 30 Days of Night

I watched 30 Days of Night because I loved the idea of vampires taking over a town in Alaska during 30 straight days of night. Unfortunately it fell short, primarily because they followed the typical Hollywood horror/thriller movie formula–bad guys come to town, bad guys kill the people, heroes fight bad guys and survive. What did I like? I enjoyed the cinematography and the fresh story idea (not the story line), as well as appreciated … Read more

Book & Movie Review: I Am Legend

Let me start with the book shown to the right. This is the book that I read. I didn’t realize that the book also contained short stories written by Richard Matheson. When I got to what I thought was the logical end of the book, I progressed to a short story, not realizing I Am Legend had ended until I read at least a page. Boy am I a dork! Consider this another one of … Read more

Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

I read this book a couple months ago with mixed feelings. I never would have picked it up if it weren’t for the book club. Getting through the first part of the book was tough! The author goes into great detail about her life leading up to her trip to Italy, India and Indonesia. She’s very open about how neurotic she was while going through a divorce after realizing she didn’t want the traditional family … Read more

Book Review: Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume 17

Finally! A review of a horror book! Unfortunately I don’t have much to say about this book other than the stories are equivalent to those in other Mammoth Books of the Best New Horror. Pretty darn average stuff, with nothing that scared me or turned my stomach. But then again, not much scares me any more. The only story that really stood out was the first by Ramsey Campbell. Sorry I can’t remember the name … Read more

Book Review: The Appeal by John Grisham

When I originally added my star rating to this book in Shelfari, I only gave it 3 out of 5 stars. Now looking back, it deserves another star. This is the first novel I’ve read by John Grisham and I loved his writing style. I was told that he can be a bit bloated at times, but I wouldn’t put The Appeal in that category. I definitely plan to pick up more books by Mr. … Read more

Book Review: Tales from Mistwillow

This is guna be a bit of a lame book review. I basically read this book because it contains short stories by other Colorado authors. Oh, and that the book was published by the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers group, of which I’m a member and have not yet attended a gathering hosted by the group. Okay, back to the review. What was fun about the book is that each of the authors wrote a different … Read more

Book Review: The Shack, by William P. Young

I love critiquing books, but I don’t feel I can review this book by providing the usual opinions on the story line, characters, grammatical structure, etc. Nor do I care to touch on whether the book threatens the theology of orthodox Christianity, a major complaint I’ve read in other reviews. Instead, I’d like to share the experience I had while discussing the book with my book club (South Denver Book Club). In March, I had … Read more