April Snow Showers

This picture shows what I woke up to this morning, in the middle of April. Winter is really hanging on this year, and I’m LOVING it!! Feel’s a little like Narnia under the rule of the White Witch.

I finished the first draft of Dougie’s Pain yesterday. It’s a new short story about a boy who cuts himself. After discussing this story with a few people who have known cutters, I’ve found that my story is not based in reality. Maybe I’m being arrogant, but I’m not too concerned. Is this a lesson in writing in the making? 😉

I’m now trying to get the remainder of the stories I dictated on my recorder this past month onto paper. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, cause I can’t seem to keep up with the stories and ideas coming to me. That and I’m now a contributor to a few local blogs including: 5280 Buzz Online, Random Ravings, and The Connector. It feels good to be busy again. Managing my writing time is becoming an issue though. Blog entries may become even less frequent for awhile.

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