A Book That Makes Us Laugh

This week R. J. and I are sharing a book that makes us laugh.  Over the past year I’ve found that writing comedy is not an easy task, so I respect any author who can do it well.

Again, for me (W. J.), there are a few, but this week I’m highlighting only one.   A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore is the most recent book I’ve read that made me laugh my ass off.  In fact, I read this book and then got the audio CDs and listened to it a month later.  There are certain authors that I prefer to listen to their books, and Christopher Moore’s one of ’em. 

Poor Charlie Asher is a Beta Male who loses his wife after she gives birth to their daughter.  He witnesses a man collecting his wife’s soul vessel and soon finds he’s become a soul vessel collector himself, whether he likes it or not.  The most hilarious parts of this book are not related to Charlie collecting soul vessels though.  His interaction with the supporting characters like his relationship with his young daughter are some of the most hilarious parts of the book. 

In my life, I’ve (R. J.) found very few books that make me laugh out loud, and it seems that the ones that do all have come from British authors. Maybe it was the fault of my parents making me listen to too much NPR as a child, but I find the dry, sarcastic humor (or should I say “humour”) of the Brits as the height of written comedy.  So, for my book that makes me laugh, I’d have to choose Douglas Adams’ masterpiece, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as my favorite. The way that he weaves absolutely insane situations into the life of poor straight-man Arthur Dent always brings a smile to my face. Not to mention, the analogies he uses to set up scenes are also outstanding. I will never forget the phrase, “The great yellow ships hung in the air in exactly the way bricks don’t.”

2 thoughts on “A Book That Makes Us Laugh”

  1. I had a feeling R.J. would choose Hitchhikers Guide. It's a book my sister recommended to me years ago too. LUV IT!! Also in the minority on loving the movie that came out some five years ago.

    What was that British series you got me to watch that kinda reminds me of Hitchhiker's Guide? Red Dwarf?

    OK, back to The Courier. I'm not supposed to be blogging or checking email or doing any social networking today. Already been on Facebook and here I am commenting on a blog post. I'm a bad girl 😉

  2. R.J. I've read the novels, listened to it on radio, seen it on television and watched the film and it is still one of the funniest ideas ever. I even have a friend who name her son, yes that's right, Ford Prefect. You have great taste in humour and I'm looking forward to some great comedy moments in Bloodleggers.


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