3-Day Novel Contest: The Right Idea

Obviously, the first step in writing a novel is to come up with an idea and figure out a plot. In early July, it took me about a week to decided on the genre and that I’d go with Young Adult Science Fiction. This part took so long thanks to the angel and devil on my shoulders, one saying challenge yourself and one saying go with something easy. I went with the angel, who assured me she’d help me get past any challenge that arise. I’ve named this muse Halley after the comet, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her during the prep and writing process.

The following morning, I sat down in my comfy Lazy Boy chair with my writing utensils of choice: a multicolored notepad and an old fashion wooden pencil. Hand writing in this chair is how I do most new writing. Time to figure out the plot, I told myself, expecting it to take another week to figure it out. Lucky me, it worked its way out in about an hour. Sometimes it’s all in the timing. In this case, the story is inspired by the fake mermaid documentaries and my recent fascination with opening wormholes in water. Just starting with those two things took me in so many directions. By the time I had my plot, I had also added in the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, the Mayan civilization, a tsunami, and the Department of Homeland Security—and that’s just on earth. The mermaids had to come from some where, right? Might as well be through a water wormhole to another planet. There’s much more related to the alien planet, but you’ll have to come back in a few days to find out more.

How do you come up with ideas and develop a plot?

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