3-Day Novel Contest: Preparation Time

I signed up for the 3-Day Novel Contest early July, and decided I’d blog about the preparation and writing process. Now, here it is a month later, and it’s about time I get started.

The first time I accomplished the 3-Day Novel Contest, my preparation time consisted of outlining the second book in The Courier series. It was an easy task considering I’d already had the entire story in my head for quite some time. This time is completely different. I had thought about going into it unprepared and write whatever comes to me, and I still intend to do that one of these years. I’m out of new novel writing practice though. Editing and short stories have taken up most of my writing time the last few years. And I haven’t done either NaNoWriMo or the 3-Day since 2010, nor have I completed a full length novel since The Courier #3, so this is not exactly the time to be adventurous. I’m going into this one prepared, with a decent story I can enter into the 2014 RMFW Colorado Gold Writing Contest and later publish.

So here I am. Every Monday … at least … leading up to the start of the 3-Day, I’ll tell ya what I’m doing to prepare as well as any snags I encounter along the way. Cross your fingers I can also post during the 3-Day. Join me next week to talk about finding the idea.

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