1,000,000 Words

I heard something depressing today from some other writers. They are in the opinion that the first one or two novels you write are likely crap. They also mentioned that it takes writing one million words to begin mastering prose.

Where did I hear this? A friend told me about Writing Excuses, an audio blog awhile ago. Brandon Sanderson, Fantasy Novelist; Howard Taylor, Cartoonist; and Dan Wells, Horror Novelist are the hosts. I listened to episode three today, Killing Your Darlings.

    “How do you make your novel better? Sometimes you have to cut out the part you like best. Don’t believe me? Before I posted this I had attached an image of a chimp wearing a tux.”

In general, I can’t say that I disagreed with the boys. But I can’t handle the idea that when I finally finish Purloin it will be crap. Hell, I love the idea behind the story, and if another author wrote it, I’d read it.

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