1,000,000 Words Challenge

I’ve added a new section to the right column to track my progress on a goal I’ve recently given myself. My goal is to write 1,000,000 words in less than 2 years. Why? In an earlier blog post, back on September 11th, I wrote about a Writing Excuses episode that mentioned mastering prose requires a writer to write around 1,000,000 words. While I’ve written far over 1,000,000 words of nonfiction, I thought it might be fun to track my progress toward a million in fiction.

I’m starting the word count including a few written selections I consider complete or am actively writing. So, I’m starting with 66,882 words that equal 260 pages. Geeeezzzze, that’s barely a novel. I have 933,118 words to go.

I’m confident I can reach this goal in far less than 2 years because I crunched the numbers and I’ll have to write less than my required 10,000 words a week to reach the goal in 2 years. The exact daily count is 1370 words per day to reach the million, and I’ve been doing more than 2000 a day.

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